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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Phases To Forever now on Facebook!

Good evening all the big HCG losers out there!  ( And I mean that in the most positive way/ weigh...)

Words of encouragement tonight...You can do this and you are worth it!  You deserve health, you deserve happiness and deserve to like yourself. 

I have now joined Facebook, come check me out and "Like It"- comment, participate and join in on this new page.  If you have a blog or Facebook page feel free to leave your link as well!  Click here to come visit Phases To Forever on Facebook!

OH! the new picture?  I will be incorporating this into the site this week, as well as some new recipes!

Have a wonderful evening all,
Natasha @ Phases To Forever


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  2. This Blog is going places, the people, the layout, amazing to see such dedication and focus.


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