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Welcome to Phases To Forever!

My Story- In the summer of 2010 I was shown the HCG protocol.  I started in June and ended in October with an 81 pound loss.  I have been maintaining and shopping ever since.

Phases=  When I say phases I am being very specific.  Phases of the HCG Diet Protocol.  To be even more specific, the recipes listed on here will for the most part be strictly Dr. Simeons protocol.  There are variations and some who "see if the grass is greener" so-to speak with this program.

To= This part was very important for me.  To means:  in the direction of, toward, on the way to, en route for, on the road to, near, just before, headed for.  We are all doing this in phases in the process to our forever being able to be healthy, lean and our best selves we can be.

Forever=  Well this part is easy....yeah right!? Forever is the part after Phase1-4 of the HCG program no matter what way you got here.  Forever means living in your new you!  Your new improved body and the phases is what got you to this part.  So on your good days rejoice and on your bad days, push through and think of the forever part!

I am so happy you decided to come check it out and I hope you enjoy all the recipes and content here. This is a recipe website dedicated to the one's who have taken a big step to better their life and follow the HCG Diet Protocol. I will be posting recipes that I have tried and liked, maybe even a few I do not like! I will also include some I see that will be on-protocol but have not tried just for the simple fact that I do not like to eat seafood....and many of you do! I also want to encourage comments with variations that you have tried and liked. All of out taste buds are different and I would love to hear what you have done to change it to your liking.

Have a recipe or recipe idea? You may add your recipe in comments or if you would like me to post your recipe with credit going directly to you- email me and I will be happy to post on your behalf.

I do have another Recipe Blog that is dedicated to recipes of "normal" eating. Focusing on healthy eating and feeding of my family and myself when I am all done with this protocol. If your unsure what to make the rest of your family for dinner- please stop by and take a peak! It is called Saved by the Egg Timer and I sure hope you stop over there too! 

Contact me for any reason via- savedbytheeggtimer(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you for visiting Phases To Forever!
~ Natasha