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Do's, Don't and Disclaimer

This is my tips and Tricks page if you will.  Things that I learned along the way.  Now printable!

-  Take your potassium, Vit- C, minerals and calcium/ magnesium.
-  Talk to your doctor if you are taking and prescription medication, especially when your losing significant amount of weight and prescription amounts will have to be adjusted.
-  Continue for at least 23 days for your Hypothalamus Gland to reset, followed by the maintenance phase 3 and 4.
-  Check all labels including spices, tea and coffee for added sugar and starches.
-  Refer back to Pounds and Inches often for questions and reminders.
-  Weigh meats carefully (3.5 oz raw, 3 oz cooked)
-  Use natural sweeteners like Stevia, Truvia, Xylitol and Erythritol.
-  Use sea salt- it contains 72 minerals your body needs.
-  Remember fat free chicken broth is allowed in moderation, no more than 5-10 calories per serving and check label to make sure no sugars or starch.  I have found Pacific Low Sodium, Emeril's and Wild Harvest brands to fit this but always double check as labels tend to change.
-  Use 1 lemon a day in water or food to help alkalize the body and flush fat and toxins. 
-  Remember to take your detox bath.  It relieves body stress on your liver, helps energy and removes yeast and heavy metals from the body. 
-  Do drink half your body weight in fluids daily.
Believe in yourself, you are worth it!

-  Start this if you are pregnant or nursing.
-  Take any fat soluble vitamins like fish oils, Vit- E, A.
-  Add in unlisted foods while on phase 2- you will not lose weight. No mixing veggies.
-  Don't use chemical sweeteners like NutraSweet (aspertame), Spenda (sucralose), Maltitol, Accesulflame, research shows these cause food cravings.
-  Weigh multiple times a day.  Weigh once in the morning after using the bathroom. 
-  Cheat!  A minor cheat can set you back up to 3 days and interfere with the resetting of your Hypothalamus Gland.
-  Chew gum or suck on sugar free candy, this signals your brain to start digesting and will make you hungry.
- Take this lightly, it's only 3 weeks of strict eating (minimum) and you can do anything for 3 weeks, right?!?!
-  Think of this as a diet, this is a cure for obesity large or small.  You are training your body to reset your Hypothalamus Gland to handle food correctly in the future.

I make no guarantees, since I am not able to control your eating.  Results may vary.
As always, it is recommend that you consult a doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan, especially if you have medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or any other medical condition or medication that would be affected by diet, exercise or weight loss.