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Beginner Checklist/ Quick Start Guide

So have you heard enough about the HCG Diet and are ready to start? 
Have you decided to take control of your life and get back in those skinny pants in the back of your closet? 
Have you done your own research on numerous websites and read the medical reports? 
Start researching here and here.

If you answered yes to these questions-  then you are ready to look at the Beginners Checklist and Quick Start Guide!  Now printable!

Beginners Supplies Checklist

1.  Read Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons
found here.
2.  Order and receive your Homeopathic HCG drops.
3.  Potassium (99mg tablets)- Suggested to take 1 tablet 3-5 times a day.
4.  Calcium/ Magnesium (500/250 mg)-  Follow directions on bottle.
5.  Epsom Salt and Baking Soda for your Detox Baths-  Take 1-2 baths a week.  Recipe here
5.  Yerba Mate Tea-  Any flavor, drink at least one cup a day to help flush and release fat, restore important vitamins and minerals, get adequate amino acids and antioxidants.  You may drink hot, cold, sweetened with stevia and mixed with other teas. 
Health benefits here.
6.  Dandelion Root Tea-  Drink once a week to aide in liver support.  Recipe coming soon...
7.  Tulsi Tea-  Any flavor, drink as you wish.  Great for relieving stress and anxiety, boost immunity and stamina, stimulates a healthy metabolism and cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar. 
More info on benefits here.
8.  Kitchen scale and bathroom scale. Find good ones here at the Phases To Forever Store
9.  Print the list of foods you are allowed to eat while on the 500 Calorie part of your diet and look through the recipes on Phases To Forever to get an idea of what you can eat. 
Print here

Quick Start Guide

Phase 1-  Begin your research, print out Beginner Checklist, order hHCG, scales, supplements.  Purchase personal care products.  Plan your food and recipes. 

Phase 2-  Start your hHCG drops, complete your 2 Fat Loading Days, start your 500 Calorie Diet, Drink half your body weigh in fluids daily to help flush and release fat, You may continue the 500 Calorie Diet 23-40 days.  Stop drops 72 hours before moving onto Phase 3.  The 500 Calorie Diet along with the hHCG will allow the undesired fat to be released as energy to burn.

Phase 3-  Maintenance diet phase for 3 weeks.  Increase calories intake to a maintenance amount. 
Calculate here.  Introduce fats and foods other than the 500 Calorie food list.  Eat no starch and no sugar,  Stabilize your new weight while your Hypothalamus Gland continues to reset.  Stay within 2 pounds of your new weight and weigh daily.

Phase 4-  Final 3 weeks!  Same calorie intake as phase 3, now start to add sugars and starches back into your diet very gradually and in small portions taking close note to how your body responds to allow your new weight to "set", remain eating healthy whole foods, continue to weighing daily.

Finally!-  Congratulations on your weight loss!  Enjoy your new body and eating habits.  You may now start another round" if more weight loss is desired.  Begin at Phase 2 if you are planning on more rounds.