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Friday, May 27, 2011

Black Cherry Soda

Some days Phase 2 can be hard and all you need is a little "treat" to help you feel normal again, that it won't last forever and that you can make it through this!  My encouragement to you today will be exactly that! 

You will be able to eat normal again soon.  This will not last forever.  You can make it through today and make it through the entire process.

To help you through the day, taking some time to enjoy fruity flavors will help.  Below you will find my favorite kitchen toy.  It makes healthy drinks choices in a snap.  Morning coffee, afternoon iced tea, evening hot tea, hot cocoa for the kids, even hot water for soup.  All at the touch of your fingers.  Highly recommended, especially if you have been wanting one from afar.  I love my Breville Keurig machine and I wanted to share and show you one of my favorite kitchen tools you can use in Phase 2 and beyond.   As always I will answer any questions you have about this kitchen gem.

Black Cherry Soda
4 ounces boiling water
1 C sparkling water
1/8 tsp stevia
1/2 lemon, juiced (optional)

Place 2 tea bags in bottom of a coffee/ tea mug.  Pour 4 ounces very hot water.  Steep 6-8 minutes.  Squeeze liquid from bags and remove.  Sweeten with stevia to taste, adding lemon juice is optional.  Fill a tall glass with ice, add concentrated tea.  Pour the sparkling water over tea and ice, stir with straw and sip happily.
Note:  If you are not a tea drinker or tea liker...give this a try along with my Faux-Fruit Punch, they don't have a "tea" taste at all.  You should be pleasantly surprised and makes a nice entrance into the world of drinking health tonic called tea!

Keurig compatible Coffee and Tea makers

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K-Cup Coffees

K-Cup Teas

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