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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar uses on P2

Hi All the Phases To Forever readers!  I had a great and all consuming summer, my hope is that you did too!  It was this time last year that I had finished losing all of my needed weight loss.  What an accomplishment!  I still pinch myself everyday and thank God for the strength to complete it!  You can do it too!  Even if you had a few set back during start up, had a little too much fun this summer or are on your very first round...You are worth every pound lost!

I have been experimenting, with Apple Cider Vinegar.  ACV, raw, unfiltered and organic version is loaded with probiotics and enzymes.  True it is great to drink and cook with, turns out it does the exterior a lot of good too. 

Have you seen the latest greatest trend in expensive spa masks, lotions and products?  It is probiotic and enzyme based products.  Costing a lot of money for a tube or treatment. 

My thoughts were, how can I get this benefit more naturally?  I started testing Apple Cider Vinegar on my skin as a toner.  Loaded with nutrients and all the benefits of the expensive brands without chemicals or the high price tags.  Results are in...amazing!

How to: use Apple Cider Vinegar as a moisturizer, toner, acne/ rash treatment and pH neutralizer. 

1 bottle- organic, raw, unfiltered, "withe the Mother" Apple Cider Vinegar. 
cotton balls

Use to treat your face and skin to a moisturizing, enzyme, vitamin and probiotic treatment your skin will love. Use after bathing or showering, before bed, over acne prone skin.  Treat your P2 "candida die off rash" which is a common appearance the  first few also seems to be very moisturizing, which is nice during P2 when there is very little moisturizers to chose from.
Note:  Do not use on open wounds- ouch!  It does kind of stink but close your mouth, wave a little and know it will go away quick once it dries.


  1. WOW!! Well thank you for all that information!! I will be stating R4 in October so this is great news!

  2. Hi--I am wondering if you have to keep the apple cider vinegar in the fridge?

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  7. Just wanted to put out a warning about this. This is not for everyone. I tried it and my face immediately turned bright red and pulled tight as if it were swelling. I rinsed and rinsed to try to stop the inflammation. Also drank lots of water and then put aloe vera on. By morning there was just a little redness left. SO, USE with CAUTION...maybe try it on a little part of your chin or something before you go for it. Also, it would probably help to dilute with didn't mention whether you did this or not.


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