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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mixing Veggies

Good Evening Everyone! 

I wanted to address some discrediting about Phases To Forever.  There have been some postings relating to the recipes on the website not being 100% Dr. Simeons protocol by mixing veggies.  None of the recipe mix veggies with one exception of the Cucumber Salad that gives specific directions not to eat the cukes and onions at the same time/meal.  I am very careful and consider all ingredients while making the P2 meals.  Mixing veggies in P2 is not on the food list I provide and I follow the food list posted here that is copied right out of Pounds and Inches.  There is no rule bending going on at this website, part of the reason I started Phases To Forever was because in my own searching, there was no accurate recipes in one spot that followed the real Dr. S rules. 

As always- enjoy what you eat in Phase 2 by eating good flavored, tasty prepared food while following the very precise and strict foods allowed.  If there is any questions regarding this, I am always here to answer and help.

~Natasha @

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