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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cucumber Salad

Take two of these and call me in the morning....
It's Cucumber Salad!!!

This is a favorite dish of mine in "normal life too".  I quickly made a version for myself when I first started the Phase 2.  Here is the tricky part...P2 people- you cannot have the cucumbers and onion in one meal.  Eat the cucumbers in one meal and then eat the onions with another.  Add these tangy onions to the grill, serve overtop your 3.5 oz sirloin or save for my Chicken "Noodle" Soup (recipe to come).  Bonus: Use the juice from these green little circles and you have a wonderful fresh flavored salad dressing!  So really this is 3 recipes in one.

Cucumber Salad
2 cucumbers- peeled and sliced thin
1 onion- sliced
1/4 C vinegar of choice
2 T water
2 packets stevia or 1/4 tsp for liquid stevia
1 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp celery seed or dill
black pepper to taste

Mix all ingrediants in bowl.  Cover and store 1 hour to overnight, serve. 
Note: Today my choice of vinegar was Coconut Vinegar.

UPDATE (4/27/2001):  If you are out of onion or don't feel like picking them into two veggie serving, use can substitute 1 teaspoon onion powder or a few sliced green onions as the sliced onion in this recipe!

Phase 3/4:  You can eat these all together at once.


  1. All right, so my daughter just ate THE WHOLE THING! Now I have to go make more but that is just fine with me! So- they are that good that a little girl will sit and scarf it like candy...never a bad thing when kids eat all your veggies!

  2. Have you ever "sweated" the cucumbers first? My grandma used to make these 'fresh pickles' (as we liked to call them) all of the time when I was a kid... and she would always sweat the cucumbers first in a salt-water bath... to release extra moisture from the cucumber. Once it releases some of it's water, it can absorb more flavor. Or something like that. Delicious!

  3. Hi Sazra, Your right. A lot of time you sweat out cucumbers, pour the excess water off and then marinate them. You can do that if you want to. I like to combine all the ingredients because I use the "cucumber sweat" (ew, lol) as a salad dressing in Phase 2. It makes a great tasting dressing that is fresh and sweet. feel free to do it how you want :) Hope you like!

  4. UPDATE: If you are out of onion or don't feel like picking them into two veggie serving, use can sub 1 tsp onion powder or a few sliced green onions!


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