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Monday, August 23, 2010

Strawberry Cream Soda

Hi All and welcome back for Manic Monday or should I say Maniac Monday...depends on which week right?!   Today I have a guest recipe contributor! This Strawberry Cream Soda recipe has been brought to you by My HHCG Diet Blog.  Thank you for offering up your mix on this delish treat.

Strawberry Cream Soda
4 oz strawberries
1 T daily milk allowance (frothed if you can)
Few drops of Vanilla Crème flavored stevia or vanilla extract (but watch for sugars in vanilla extracts)
Stevia- sweeten to taste, leave out if using Vanilla Crème flavored stevia
12 oz sparkling water such as La Croix, Pellegrino, Mendota Sparkling, etc…

Puree strawberries in blender/ food processor, pour in a 16 oz glass. Add your milk/ milk froth, vanilla flavoring and stevia. Pour your mineral water of choice over the strawberry mixture and stir with straw. Sip happily!   Note:  If you have already had your milk in your coffee (like me), add lemon instead of milk and use unflavored or fruit flavored stevia for a refreshing drink.

Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. I made this, sans the milk, today! It was delicious! Even the boyfriend liked it!



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