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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tea Tuesday!

It's Tea Tuesday!  Calming, refreshing...pure, sigh with me here- "ahhhhh..."  I highly suggest sipping this while doing your Detox Bath.  Chamomile calms, cucumber flavors and refreshes.  Don't forget to cut 2 slices for your eyes ladies!

Chamomile Cucumber Iced Tea

6 Chamomile Tea Bags
2 cucumbers-peeled, seeded and sliced into long spears
sweeten with stevia to taste

In large heat proof bowl or pan steep 9 C boiling water with 6 tea bags for 4-5 minutes. Discard bags. Sweeten with stevia while still warm.  Let cool.  In pitcher place cucumber spears. Pour cooled tea into pitcher. Let sit a few hours up to let the cucumber flavor infuse.  Serve over ice.

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