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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Veggie Fun

Sunday is a day of rest, family time and fun.  Today I had so much fun with my new kitchen toy.  I have to say I am sold on this, I usually prefer to ignore every type of kitchen gadget that promises to save time but actually takes more time to set up, use and clean then it would be to just get out a cutting board and knife.  This "Veggie Fun Machine" is called a Spiral Cutter and can be used on vegetables, fruit, cheese, etc...anything hard enough to hold by little spikes.  I normally will not post without a new recipe but I have heard so much about these lately and wanted to show you so you can determine if it is worth your money.

I made my Cucumber Salad today using this and just had to post about it.  Anything to make our very limited food list more interesting is a tool for success in my mind.  I also see a great zucchini lasagna in my near P3 future! 

This is what I bought...because it has different blades and shapes. 

but there are many versions and price ranges.  If you have one already, I would love to hear how you use it and recipes!  Have a great rest of your football Sunday!


  1. Your cucumber recipe has been a lifesaver for me - thank you! I always have a bowl of English cukes marinating at all times.

  2. thanks for posting about the spiral slicer! i hadn't thought about one of those in years! we used to have one and it somehow got lost in a move about 10 yrs ago. i'm gonna make a note of it on my wishlist! and they definitely ARE fun! lol


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